New Release + Excerpt: Fighting Chance by Victoria Paige -Misty Grove Series – Book 1

Today we have the blog tour for Fighting Chance by Victoria Paige! I am so excited to share this new romantic suspense with you! Check it out and grab your copy today!


About Fighting Chance:


One small town.

One dead sheriff.

A town with secrets.

Newly appointed sheriff Trent Stone is investigating the murder of his predecessor. This leads him to Misty Grove, a town lined with innocent diners and general stores, but his gut instinct tells him that nothing is what it seems.

It doesn’t help that his first encounter with one of its citizens is at the end of her shotgun.

A beautiful hellion.

Cassandra Reed is unlike any woman he has ever met. She’s tough and sassy, yet her eyes hold a vulnerability that calls to his protective side. Trent’s dedication to his job has always caused the demise of his previous relationships, so what is it about Cassie now that compels him to risk it all, especially when she has made it clear she doesn’t need his protection?

When Cassie brushes off injuries from a suspicious incident, Trent’s need to serve and protect deepens into an alarming obsession over a woman who challenges his every instinct of self-preservation. Staying away from her is not an option, and he will be damned if he lets Cassie deny the growing attraction between them.

But when the town’s secrets are revealed, he discovers he’s in over his head. As a mere sheriff, the menace that looms over Misty Grove is way above his pay grade. Before the threat can rip away the woman who has come to mean everything to him, Trent will have to make a tough decision. One that will give him and Cassie a fighting chance at a future together.

*Strong sexual content and language. Can be read as a standalone, but may leave questions about secondary characters who will become the protagonists in upcoming books.


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He was far from done.

A smile played on his lips. Finally making her his in the physical sense surpassed his wildest dreams. She was simply perfect for him. So responsive and sensual. Shy, yet not so much that she didn’t let him know what she wanted. He always knew it would be good with her, he just wasn’t prepared to be blown out of his damned mind. And he knew it was because his emotions were already involved.

Fuck. He’d nearly blurted what was in his heart. Good thing he’d caught himself. Though he knew he was falling in love with her, he hadn’t said those words to anyone since his ex-fiancée all those years ago. He wanted to be sure it was the lasting kind of love this time and not some infatuation or heat-of-the-moment words driven by his dick. Besides, Cassie was annoyingly skittish when it came to discussing their relationship. She hated labels, and he thought he was cracking through her damned armor and then yesterday happened.

His attention circled back to the bubbling batter as he flipped the pancakes. Though Cassie was surrounded by complex situations, he was finding out his woman had simple needs. For example: food. He relished watching her eat, though he was worried she was eating too much diner food. Thankfully, Millie seemed concerned with the twin’s health and would occasionally shove some less greasy fare their way. Not that Trent was doing any better at the moment, but he wanted to make her feel at home. He glanced around the sparsely furnished house. He had yet to get a dining table for the kitchen. All he had right now was a collapsible table and folding chairs. Not that he thought Cassie minded; she never struck Trent as the domesticated type. At least the bedroom furniture was new, and they’d already put it to good use. He smirked.

“Hmm…pancakes and sausage.” Arms circled his torso as soft breasts pressed against his back. His cock jerked happily as if Trent had not worn that fucker out.

He covered the linked fingers on his abs with his free hand and craned his neck slightly to kiss the top of Cassie’s head. “These will be ready in a sec. Why don’t you set the table? Plates are in the last cabinet to my right, utensils in the drawer right below it.”

Trent hated to lose her touch but was also relieved in a way. Cassie was affecting him too much. A little distance would help if there was a prayer of ever getting breakfast on the table. As much as he wanted to drop her delectable ass on the counter and eat her pussy for breakfast, they had things to clear up. Fucking each other’s brains out as a means to block out the problems surrounding them was not an option if he wanted a fighting chance at making their relationship work. No more secrets.




About Victoria Paige:

I work as a freelance database administrator, and when I’m not geeking out, I write romantic suspense novels. I live in Richmond, Va—less than two hours away from Washington DC—so most of the settings of my books are in the nation’s capital—of course, I’m not averse to creating fictional towns and cities.

When I’m not arguing with the alpha male characters in my head, I love to watch high-octane action movies. I think Jack Bauer is the shit, which is why most of my characters are such badasses bent on saving the world from evil doers.

I love reading adult contemporary, paranormal, urban fantasy, historical, romantic suspense, and a few new adult fiction as well as military non-fiction.

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5 thoughts on “New Release + Excerpt: Fighting Chance by Victoria Paige -Misty Grove Series – Book 1

  1. This sounds awesome! Loved the excerpt and I really love a sassy female! Also, Jack Bauer is the shit!

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Victoria’s book, I’m always on the lookout fora new author!

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