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You want to know about me? I believe in three things: loyalty to my friends, helping those in need and

the end justifies the means.

Declan (Shadow Alliance Book One) by Caitlyn O’Leary




Shadow Alliance Series – Book 1

By Caitlyn O’ Leary

Release Date: October 26, 2016

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Some serious shit went down when I was in the Army. I mean brutal. After my last tour, I created the Shadow Alliance. Me and my team know how to get things done, and will take on all those jobs that others won’t. My name is Declan McAllister and when it comes to keeping people safe, I’m your man. Mess with me and I will rain hell-fire on you like you’ve never experienced before.


Few things get my motor running like beauty and brains. Okay, a nice ass doesn’t hurt either. Getting a chance to work with FBI Agent Allison Davies, who is the whole package, normally would be great, except when she followed my butt down to the flood ravaged country of Paraguay to track down a traitor, and ends up putting her career on the line.


Now here we are attempting to keep things professional, but the more I watch Allison pour her heart and soul into this case, the more I want to see what that same passion would be like between the sheets.


Kelley’s review

Sexy and sweet start to a new steamy Seal series!

5 Action-packed stars!

Declan is a former navy seal who will go on the rescue missions that even the government will not touch.  Declan goes in when all hope is lost and he leads his team deep into the trenches to save the lives of those who would have been left behind.  I fell in love with Declan’s hard ass attitude right from the start especially when he first meets Allison and from the start gives her a nickname.

Allison needs Declan’s help.  She sure as hell doesn’t want to reach out to him but does not have much of a choice.  Declan has intel and access to more that she needs. She had heard he was sexy as sin but what she didn’t plan to find was this man who would lay his life down to help a mother and child who were among the wreckage.

I really enjoyed how this book was written in first person male P.O.V.  You really got know what was going on inside of Declan’s head.  Caitlyn did an excellent job getting in enough dialogue so the reader could get to know how Allison was feeling as well.  This story kept me on my toes until the very end.  If you like romantic suspense that is action packed in and outside of the bedroom you will love Declan.  I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.



She pressed her lips to mine. Soft and gentle. I reciprocated. Loving the feel. I wanted—needed—to give her comfort. But then she changed the pressure. Her movements became urgent.

“Baby,” I tried to caution her.

“Declan, I need you. I need this.”

I’d take her to bed and just hold her. She needed comfort. Then, as if she could read my mind…

“Declan, I’ve known you were special since I read your file. I’ve wanted you since I saw you searching for Anna. I’ve needed you since you convinced me I’m beautiful in your eyes.”

“Oh, Allie, you’re the one who’s the diamond. I see all of your facets, all of your depths, and you shine, baby. You shine.” Her eyes lit up at my words, and I was so happy I’d found the right ones. I eased her off my lap and stood up. The hungry look in her eyes almost brought me to my knees. Before she started to stand, I whisked her into my arms, and her eyes melted. Good, I wanted her to feel as special as she was.

I headed to the bedroom I’d recently vacated. As soon as I got her to the room, I let her slide down my body. Since I was just wearing my boxers, there was no doubt how I was feeling. But I needed to be sure this was truly what she wanted. After I turned on the bedside light I found her sitting on the bed. I knelt in front of her.

“Allie, are you sure?”

“Aren’t you?”

I looked at my dick and then back up at her. She laughed.

“I really want this too,” she whispered.

“Then you might be wearing a few too many clothes,” I whispered back. Leaning forward, I captured her mouth for a kiss. Her lips parted and I unbuttoned her blouse. Slowly, I drew the cotton sleeves down her shoulders, touching the silk of her skin as I went. She gasped as I traced the curves of her breasts above the cups of her bra. I broke away from her lips.

“God, look at you.” I unclasped the front enclosure and her breasts spilled into my hands. I thumbed her pink nipples and she moaned, and pressed hard into my hands. She liked it when I plucked and pinched the tips of her breasts.

“Declan, that feels so good.”

I dipped my head and sucked her nipple into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue, loving her whimpers and gasps. She grabbed my head and her nails bit into my scalp. I wrapped my arms around her, and laid her down on the bed. She was rubbing her jean clad legs together. I thrust one hand between them and she slammed her legs together, locking it in place. Like I wanted it anywhere else. I rubbed against the seam of her jeans, and licked at the tender flesh of her swollen breasts.

“So good.” She sighed.

She arched up, but it wasn’t enough. I pulled off her jeans and panties. She was truly beautiful.

“Now you.”


“Your boxers,” she said.

“Not yet. First I want to play some more.” The woman had legs that wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t believe that she ever doubted her attractiveness. Whoever had been her past lovers had been absolute assholes.

She reached out to me, and I lowered myself into her arms, kissing those plump lips of hers, reveling in the jolt she once again gave me as our lips met. Having our bodies meet was bliss. Her breasts touching my chest was heaven. I dragged my chest hair against her nipples and she groaned.

“Again. Do that again.” I did. Slowly I inched downwards, kissing silken flesh along my way. Peaches. I smelled peaches, until finally I smelled peaches and musk. Divine. Parting her thighs, I found glistening pink magic. Allie tensed.


“I am.” Sure she was.

I pressed her legs wider apart, but it was a bit of a struggle. “Honey, I just want to play.”

“I know.”

“You like this, don’t you?” I blew against her folds.

“I don’t know.” Yep, she had only been with assholes.

I parted her slick flesh and licked her. She shuddered, but didn’t make a sound. Peaches, spice, and Allie. So good. I looked up, and she was biting the base of her thumb. Oh that was a challenge. Her body betrayed her, it showed me exactly what kind of touches it liked, and when I added my fingers, she started to pant.

Up and down, around and around.

“Declan? Come inside me now.”

“Not until you scream.”

My fingers found what they’d been searching for, and she squeaked and tightened in a good way. Carefully, I sucked.

“Declan! It’s too good.” She was drenched in pleasure.

Almost there.

I stroked inwards, and bit her clit gently, flicking my tongue against her swollen flesh. She let out a shriek, and pulsed her release.

I moved up to the nightstand and ripped off my boxers. I tore open the condom and looked at Allie.

“Please, now!”

Slowly, I entered her tight depths. I thought I was going to lose my mind. It was pure bliss. Those long legs curled around me, and she pulled me in.

“More!” I gave her everything. She gasped, but then smiled. “Perfect.”

“Thank God.”

I began to move, and she met me. We danced and twined, moving ever upwards. I felt my orgasm begin at the base of my spine. I wasn’t going to last. That beautiful face, those eyes that shimmered. I dipped in for another kiss that shot sparks.

“Allie?” I was hanging on by a thread.

She thrust up against me, her heels digging into my ass. I felt her sheath begin to tighten and I thought my head would explode.

This woman, this beautiful woman let out a joyful sound that was my name, over and over again.

“Yes, God yes, Allie.”

I shot ever upwards until I found heaven.




caitlyn oleary

Author Bio

Caitlyn O’Leary is an avid reader, and considers herself a fan first and an author second. She reads a wide variety of genres, but finds herself going back to happily-ever-afters. Getting a chance to write, after years in corporate America is a dream come true. She hopes that her stories provide the kind of entertainment and escape that she has found from some of her favorite authors.


Her Series Include:


It’s a bit Paranormal, a bit Sci-Fi and 100% Action/Adventure. The characters have special abilities, that make them targets.



This is focused on a group of Navy Seals. What makes them special is their bond to one another, and the women they come to love.



This is the series that started her career, it is a Menage Series that takes place in Fate Harbor Washington. It focuses on a tight knit community who live and love and care for one another.


She loves to hear from her readers.

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