Release Blitz + 5 Star Review: Crazy Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick – A New Adult Boxed Set



Crazy Love

By Jane Harvey-Berrick

Release Date: August 21, 2017

A New Adult Bundle Boxed Set… Includes…

*** Dazzled ***

*** Summer of Seventeen ***

*** Playing In The Rain ***

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Three stories of love and longing for New Adult readers by bestselling romance author Jane Harvey-Berrick
Miles Stephens is a young actor from London. Out of work, unemployable, and fired from his last job, he unexpectedly gets the chance to star in a big-time Hollywood movie.The film is a great success, propelling him to worldwide fame – but when the dream doesn’t match the reality, he turns to Clare, lifelong friend and girl next door.Clare knows two important facts: when you break chocolate, the calories fall out; and that she’s totally in love with clueless Miles.PLAYING IN THE RAIN – A NOVELLA
Ava Lawton can’t believe her run of bad luck. It’s supposed to be an exciting time in her life: fresh out of college, living in a new state, with a new job, and away from her family at last.
But when she’s forced to quit her job, everything falls apart quickly. Suddenly, she’s alone in a crowd, with no one to turn to.
At her lowest point, a stranger gives her a message that brings her hope.
Now is the time to live life her own way.
Now is the time to choose to be happy.
And maybe it’s time to let a beautiful stranger be part of her life.
Can summer love last a lifetime?

Listed in Huffington Post’s Best Ugly Cry reads

It was supposed to be the endless summer of sand, sea, and surf. Supposed to be. But, Nick’s life is crashing out of control. His girlfriend and his best friend have declared war, his sister’s constant interference in his life is driving him insane, and there are money problems that won’t go away. Being seventeen isn’t supposed to be this hard.

When cool surfer Marcus arrives in town with a string of women following, Nick sees that there are easier ways to live. But with his life falling to pieces around him, it’s hard to know who to trust.

As the scorching heat of summer grows, events begin to unravel, reaching a shattering conclusion—and a summer he’ll never forget.


Dazzled by Jane Harvey- Berrick is a charming friends to lovers and Hollywood romance. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was not the standard Hollywood type romance because this book starts at the beginning of stardom and how difficult the climb to the top is.

Miles and Clare have been friends all of their lives. They are completely different types of personalities. The yin and yang to one another. When Miles has a downfall in the London Theater scene it looks like his acting career is at an end. As the old saying goes, when one door closes another one opens, applies to Miles acting career. He is offered to read for a part in an upcoming Hollywood teen movie.

Miles lands the part and has to leave London and Clare behind. He’s sucked into the Hollywood world and is trying not to drown in a world of sharks. When he brings Clare across the pond to help him maneuver his way in the new world, the dynamics of their relationship begins to change. When Miles finally opens his eyes and sees Clare as a woman rather than his best bud, it may be too late.

Clare has finally taken her blinders off where Miles is concerned. Going to Hollywood as his assistant was a huge mistake. It’s not her world. Miles is no longer her Miles. She has finally realized it’s time to wrap it up and head back to London to build her own life.

It takes a huge Hollywood scandal and two meddling mothers to bring these two back where they belong.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dazzled. It was a fun, witty, and sexy Hollywood romance. I loved the English charm and dry humor that was prevalent throughout the book.

Jane Harvey-Berrick always delivers a good romance book.

Although Playing In The Rain by Jane Harvey-Berrick is considered a novella, the content and emotional renderings pack more of a punch than most full length novels.  Grab a bottle of wine, a big box of chocolate, and a super size box of tissues before opening this novel.  Be ready to be wrecked in the best possible way.

I was instantly charmed when I first started reading this book until the bucket list came out.  My alarm bells started going off but as the story progressed I was deluding myself I was under the wrong impression, I grossly misconceived the reasoning.  It was the perfect love story with beautiful moments in spite of the outcome.  It was a happily ever after story in every aspect.  The message was quite clear… live life to the fullest and love with everything you have.

Jane Harvey-Berrick wrecked me in the best possible way and I will never forget Playing In The Rain.

Summer of Seventeen by Jane Harvey-Berrick is my favorite novel in the Crazy Love Anthology.  I connected with this novel because I am a native of coastal Florida and spent my teenage years exactly like Nick and his friends did.  The ocean was our playground and life revolved around the beach.  Another reason I connected with this novel is because I am the mother of a seventeen year old young man embarking on his senior year of high school and becoming an adult man.

Jane Harvey-Berrick captured the pure essence of a teenage boy struggling to become an independent man.  She captured the turmoil of teenager vs. adulthood, the hardship of becoming a responsible individual rather than a carefree kid, finding one’s place in the family structure as an adult rather than a child, the disappointment of realizing role models may not be what they were perceived to be, and lastly the realities of life in every aspect.

I loved how Nick had to overcome personal and financial obstacles but stayed true to himself.  He strived to become better even though his choices weren’t always the right ones.  That’s what growing up was about and Jane Harvey-Berrick captured that summer that led Nick on a new journey.

I absolutely loved this story and gave my seventeen year old son an extra hug because this story reminded me how difficult growing up can be no matter what the circumstance in life is.


AP new -about the author.jpg

Jane is a writer of contemporary romance fiction, known for thoughtful stories, often touching on difficult subjects: disability (DANGEROUS TO KNOW & LOVE, SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM); mental illness (THE EDUCATION OF CAROLINE, SEMPER FI); life after prison (LIFERS); dyslexia (THE TRAVELING MAN, THE TRAVELING WOMAN).

She is also a campaigner for former military personnel to receive the support they need on leaving the services. She wrote the well-received play LATER, AFTER with former veteran Mike Speirs. ( )


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