New Release + Excerpt + Review: Gray Matter by Becky McGraw


Gray Matter: Deep Six Security, Book 5 by Becky McGraw

Date of Publication: August 28, 2022


Can Gray help his new office manager clean her dirty laundry? Or will the mafia princess hang him out to dry?

Since leaving the FBI Grayson Jennings has found peace in his life with his job as a forensic accountant with Deep Six Security and he treasures it. It remains that way until Michaela Girabaldi is hired as the new office manager for their east coast office.

The smart-mouthed Jersey girl strolls into the office in red high heels with her bags packed with enough dirty laundry to last them both a lifetime. In Prison. Her dirtiest laundry is the 1.2 million dollars she insists she didn’t steal from the mob and Gray is wrangled into helping her find it.

Well, this was not Gray’s first rodeo with a beautiful criminal and he had the bruises to prove it. He was not going to blindly trust a woman ever again, especially one suspected of murder and many other nasty crimes. He would help her, but he wouldn’t be getting into bed with the mafia princess or falling for her or her games.

Mickie says only her cousin knows where the loot is located, so Gray sets out to find her. To do that, he’ll have to follow the money, but he is afraid at the end of that trail he’ll find a lot more than he bargained for.

But will he find the money before the mob finds Mickie? Or will she distract him with her Nonna’s Magic Massage Oil and cannolis at the beach house where they’re hiding out and get them both killed?


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Gray stepped off the curb, but hopped back when a long, black limo with blacked out windows almost hit him.  The brake lights flickered as the driver slowed even more. 

When the car finally passed him, he stepped off the curb and walked across the street.  He just couldn’t bear watching her walk inside that building.  Gray would find a place for her to stay tonight, and he’d make damned sure she had a place when she came back to town after her training.

“Michaela…” he said, dropping his hand on her shoulder.

She gasped and her body tensed.  Gray’s only warning was a clanking whoosh and a quick black flash before her handbag connected with the side of his head.  A gong-like sound echoed in his skull as he staggered back with stars dancing in his line of vision. 

He slumped against the brick wall, holding his throbbing jaw as he ran his tongue over his teeth to make sure they were all still in place.

“Oh, God—I’m so sorry!” she screeched as she walked up to him.  “You scared me.”  Her look of horror turned to anger when their eyes met.  “But it’s your own fault for following me. Why are you following me?”

Gray wished he had an answer to that question himself.  “Why are you staying at a homeless shelter?” he shot back, rubbing his aching jaw.

“I’m not, I’m, ah—visiting a friend,” she replied, her cheeks flushing.

“The same friends you’re staying with?” he volleyed, knowing a lie when he heard one.

“What business is it of yours?” she demanded, putting her hand on her hip.

“It’s my business because I need to make sure you’re a good fit for our office.  Right now, considering your penchant for lying and assault, I’d say I have reason to be concerned.”

Her face fell, and her hazel eyes filled with angry tears.  “If having you in my business is a requirement of the job, then I don’t want it,” she replied, lifting her chin.

“But you need it,” he countered, pushing off of the dirty brick wall to take her arm.  He nodded his chin toward the shelter.  “Come back to the hotel with me and I’ll get you a room.  Is there anything you need to get from inside?”

Tracey’s Review

Oh, those Deep Six Security guys, you just have to love them. These are some bad*ss guys, and they get into more hot water than they can handle sometimes. Take Grayson Jennings, for example. He’s just trying to do his job, setting up the next office for the Deep Six folks, when he is blindsided by a very small, very feisty, very Italian whirlwind with plenty to hide.

Michaela ‘Mickie’ Girabaldi has definitely found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. On the run from some very bad men, Mickie’s just looking for a way to stay alive. When her search brings her to the offices of Deep Six Security, and a second meeting with Gray Jennings, she’s less than thrilled.

I love this series, and Becky McGraw might have just written my favorite of them yet with GRAY MATTER. While there is plenty of the usual suspense, I found myself laughing out loud at the banter between Gray and Mickie. Clearly, neither one was ready for what they’d gotten themselves into, and there is plenty of humor, as well as scenes so steamy that a fan and a cool drink are nice to have on hand.

Having all of the usual suspects on hand to keep things jumping was a pleasure, and meeting Mickie’s brother, Dante, seems like a great lead-in for another book that Becky needs to give us. All in all, GRAY MATTER is 4 action-packed, sexy, laugh until you cry stars, and a definite must-read for fans of the Deep Six books.

About Becky McGraw

A Jill of many trades, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Becky McGraw has been an optician, a beautician, a legal secretary, a real estate broker, web designer, graphic artist, and romance writer. She knows just enough to make her dangerous, and her humor-laced contemporary western cowboy, and military, police procedural romantic suspense novels varied and interesting. Becky resides in Florida with her husband of thirty-three years and her dog Abby. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America Published Authors Network.

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