Release Blitz + 5 Star Review: Played by Jen Frederick – The Grid Iron Series – Book 4


The Gridiron Series – Book 4

By Jen Frederick

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She’s been playing it close…


Ara Martin and college football star Ty Masters have been best friends since the first day of school when Ty literally ran her over. She fell for him immediately, but having lived under the shadow of her famous father, she knows a relationship with irresistible Ty would only end in heartbreak. For four years, she’s kept her feelings hidden. But one drunken encouter weeks before graduation is about to expose Ara’s biggest secret and destroy her most treasured relationship.


He’s been playing for keeps…


Ty is about to be drafted into the NFL, but his personal life is a mess. He’s got an agent he doesn’t like, a brother who can’t stop offering his opinion, and a beautiful woman he craves but can’t have. He can fire his agent and ignore his brother, but he’s not sure what to do about Ara. Ty’s been able to run down every quarterback he’s faced, but his sexy, stubborn best friend keeps slipping through his fingers.


Luckily, he’s not one for giving up, and once he gets his hands on her, he’s never letting go.

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Michel’s Review

With all the negativity going on in today’s world with NFL football and illegal recruiting in college sports, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dive into this book.  Played by Jen Frederick is the fourth book in the Grid Iron series.  This series focuses on college football players finishing up their college football careers.  For many of them the next step is the NFL, for others it’s stepping into their perspective professional careers.  Either way they are at crossroads in their lives and the pressure is high.

Ty Masters chose to play five years rather than four so he didn’t have to compete with his twin brother Knox in the professional draft since they both played the same position.  He also chose a different college across the country so they could both live out their individual glory rather than share a collective spotlight.  They are extremely competitive with one another but also extremely close.  When his brother went into the draft a year early it took some of the pressure off of Ty but also added a bit of pressure to live up to his brother’s pristine image.  Like most twins, Ty and Knox differ like night and day.  The one thing they have in common is their focus on football, the difference is their approach with that focus.  Unlike his brother, Ty has enjoyed the dating life in college.  While his brother stayed away from women, Ty enjoyed them but never let them come before his game.  He’s gained the reputation of being a crappy, uncaring boyfriend.  He could care less.  The only woman that is important in his life is Ara Martin, his best friend.  With the upcoming draft his agent is pressuring him about everything from his diet to dating.  His agent is concerned about his reputation and how it will affect his draft round.

Ara Martin has been living within her parents shadows after their divorce.  Her father is a renowned sculptor who tends to remarry with every masterpiece he creates.  Her mother is a driven professional that thinks art is a frivolous and insecure career.  She’s also a bit cold hearted with her views on family and marriage.  Ara is trying to carve out her own place in the art world without her father’s influence or her mother’s negativity.  After being a product of numerous divorces in her childhood, she chose to put Ty Masters in the friend department because she valued their friendship too much.

So this book focuses on the final semester of their senior year in college.  Ty and Ara are both struggling in very different ways.  The one thing that is easy in their lives is each other.  From the social media to Ty’s twin brother, a nasty agent, and a rancid ex girlfriend, the pressure has become a hotbed in Ty’s life.  Ara’s determination to prove herself in her own world is hard enough let alone the different types of pressure her parents are separately creating, Ty Masters is the only thing that isn’t a boiling point in her life.  The problem is deep down Ty is a boiling point, she is hopelessly in love with him but doesn’t want to ruin their friendship.  Little does she know Ty is realizing that he is in love with her.  Ty’s approach is like his approach to football, full focus and winning what he wants on his own terms.

Jen Frederick once again scored big with Played.  She showed a very different side to the sport that most fans don’t see and added a breathtaking romance to the mix.  It is a great addition to the series and I think I might love Ty Masters a little more than I loved Knox Masters.

So if you are tired of all the crap going on in real life sports, take yourself to Jen Frederick’s Grid Iron sports world, it will not disappoint.



Author Bio:


jen frederick bioJen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog. She’s been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at

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