Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway: Four Crows by Lily White



Four Crows

By Lily White

Release Date: February 28, 2017



“You’ll have to forgive me, Darlin’, for all the unforgivable things I’m about to do…”

Loyalty is never easy – especially when you’re forced to choose between family and the man you would do anything to possess…

Born into a world that no child should endure, Magpie “Maggie” Crow is doted on by her loving father and over protective brothers. As much as she loves them, she fears them, especially when she learns secrets they’ve kept hidden.

Elliot McLaughlin joined the U.S. Marine Corps right out of high school to provide for his wife and son. He’d never intended to become a father so young, but was willing to do what it took to give his family everything they needed.

After Elliot’s family goes missing, he returns from war to an empty home. Obsessed with discovering who took his family, he investigates their disappearance and plots his revenge.

Passion brings Maggie and Elliot together. Obsession pushes them apart. As a bitter battle begins between Elliot and the Crows, Maggie’s heart hangs in the balance.

**Disclaimer: This book is intended for audiences 18 years of age or older. The subject matter of this book discusses sensitive topics that may be a trigger for some readers.**




Exclusive Excerpt

Standing by the edge of the bed, I locked my eyes with his and allowed the towel to slide down my body.

He didn’t move a muscle, didn’t pull his intense gaze from my eyes. “Are you sure, beautiful? Are you sure you can do this?”

Nodding my head slowly, I watched him with timid fascination. “You seem to ask me that question a lot, Elliot. And there hasn’t yet been something I couldn’t do when you were standing there next to me.”








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Author Bio

Lily White is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series (Her Master’s Courtesan and Her Master’s Teacher), Target This, Hard Roads, and Asylum. She’s co-authored Serial (a four part serial series). When she isn’t writing as Lily White you can find other books by her under M.S. Willis where she has penned the Control Series, the Estate Series, Because of Ellison (contemporary romance), and Standard Romance Story (Romance Comedy). Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

In addition to writing, Lily is an avid reader, gummy bear slayer, and a gold medalist in puppy naps.

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Release Blitz + Excerpt + Giveaway : Your Tempting Love by Layla Hagen


Today we’re celebrating the release of YOUR TEMPTING LOVE by Layla Hagen! Check it out and grab your copy today!!





Christopher Bennett is a persuasive man. With his magnetic charm and undeniable wit, he plays a key role in the international success of his family’s company.

Christopher adores his family, even if they can be too meddling sometimes… like when they recommend him to employ Victoria Hensley’s decorating services for his new apartment in an attempt to set him up with her. Christopher isn’t looking to settle down, but meeting Victoria turns his world upside down. Her laughter is contagious, and her beautiful lips and curves are too tempting.

Victoria Hensley is determined not to fall under Christopher’s spell, even though the man is hotter than sin, and his flirty banter makes her toes curl. But Christopher is her client, and she knows better than to get involved with clients. Besides, Victoria isn’t looking for love. After her parents’ death, Victoria is raising her much younger siblings, and she can’t afford any mistakes.

But Victoria and Christopher’s chemistry is not just the sparks-flying kind, but the downright explosive kind. Before she knows it, Christopher is training her brother Lucas for soccer tryouts and reading bedtime stories to her sister Chloe.

Victoria wants to resist him, but Christopher is determined, stubborn, and oh-so-persuasive.

When their attraction and connection both spiral out of control, will they be able to risk it all for a love that is far too tempting?


YOUR TEMPTING LOVE releases February 17th!

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Your Forever Love (The Bennett Family Series, Book 3):

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Your Inescapable Love (The Bennett Family Series, Book 4):

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About Layla Hagen

Author Photo

Layla Hagen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.

She fell in love with books when she was nine years old, and her love affair with stories continues even now, many years later.

She writes steamy and romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world.

She is represented by fabulous Louise Fury (The Bent Agency)

Connect with Layla Hagen:

Website: http://laylahagen.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaylaHagenBooks/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/laylahagen



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Release Blitz + Review + Giveaway: Rise by Dylan Allen



By Dylan Allen

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As a little girl, I saw my father destroy the family he claimed to love. I watched my mother waste her life dreaming of a man who left her without a second glance.

As a woman, I don’t dream, I work. I don’t fall in love, I focus. I would never let anything as frivolous as love distract me.

Until I meet Simon. A gorgeous, brilliant young architect with dark eyes, a sweet smile, and a dirty, dirty mouth. He sets me on fire, and suddenly all I can do is dream…of his hands, his lips, his body. Of a heart good enough and a love strong enough to make me believe in happily ever after.

But Simon has secrets that are even deeper than mine. Will our pasts destroy everything we’ve worked for? Or will we find the courage to rise to the challenge and fight for the love we share?






 4 StarTracey’s Review

Dreams aren’t made of fairytales and romance, they’re made of hard work and grit.

As far as Adelaide Hassan is concerned, hard work and determination are the things that will get her where she wants to be in life. She will never depend on anyone to get what she needs, and she’ll be stronger and better off for it.

RISE, the debut novel by author Dylan Allen, is a book about breaking through the walls that we create around ourselves to let love in. After having watched her mom give up everything to support a man that had deserted their family, leaving them to face the fallout, Addie is certain that she will get everything that she wants and needs without the help of any man. But when she meets up-and-coming architect Simon, Addie lets her heart guide her for the first time. Simon, though, has a past and a present that keep him from allowing himself to fall. Addie makes him believe that he really can have more for the first time in his life.

I like both Addie and Simon. They’ve both been formed by pasts that make emotion a risky venture for them, but, the more that they try to stay away from each other, the more they realize that they can’t run. The real joy is seeing them break down their emotional walls to get to themselves, and, finally, each other.

It’s always a toss-up when you read a book by a new author, because, while I read a lot of different things, I know what I like. Dylan has written a book that not only makes it seem like she’s been doing this for a very long time, but that had me from the first, and compelled me to read on through to the very end.

RISE is a solid 4-star read for me, and one that I would happily recommend for fans of the romance genre. I like Dylan’s style and look forward to seeing more from her in the near future.

***ARC generously provided for an honest review.***



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About the Author

Dylan Allen is a Texas girl with a serious case of wanderlust. A self-proclaimed happily ever junkie, she loves creating stories where her characters chase their own happy endings. When she isn’t writing or reading, eating or cooking, she and her family are planning their next adventure.



Connect with Dylan Allen

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Release Blitz + Excerpt + 5 Star Review + Giveaway: Meant For You by Lili Valente




Title: Meant For You
A Sexy Flirty Dirty Standalone Romance
Author: Lili Valente
Genre: Hot Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Hot, hilarious, feel-good romance from the USA Today Bestselling author of Magnificent Bastard.I was her first love, and I’m going to be her last…On paper, I’ve got it all—good looks, good friends, a killer business, and gorgeous women throwing themselves at me from every corner of the globe. But I still can’t get one woman out of my f*cking head.

Her. Adeline Klein, the sexiest little smart ass in wire-rimmed glasses and a polka-dot bikini to ever bring a man to his knees.

God, she was something….

But I’m pretty sure she hates me. I’ve tried to track her down, but it’s like she dropped off the face of the earth. Then one day there she is—stranded on the side of the road, waiting for rescue, like Fate has arranged for me to be her knight in shining armor all over again.

Only she would clearly prefer to kick me in the balls. Or the face. Or maybe the balls and the face simultaneously. But do I let that keep me from making her come on the slopes or dampen the fire that flares between us every time we touch?

No way. Because some things—like sweet, wounded women with hearts of gold and souls of pure platinum—are worth fighting for.

Meant For You is a steamy Standalone second chance romance with a swoony HEA.


Purchase Links

Seconds later, I land flat on my back with an oof that’s echoed by the sled as it slaps down a few feet away and shivers across the snow to spin in a lazy circle near a very large rock. I’m staring at the rock, thinking about how much worse things would be right now if I’d fallen on it instead of the snow, and silently thanking the gods of sledding that I’m alive, when I hear a male voice shout—“Fuck! Shit! Shit!”

—from somewhere overhead.

A moment later a steerable sled shoots off the ledge, soaring over my head to ram into a tree, splintering to pieces.

I flinch and cough, the breath rushing back into my lungs. I’m trying to roll over, figuring I’d better get up before my luck runs out and someone lands on top of me, when Nate’s head pops up above the snow bank. “Adeline! Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

My eyes narrow. “You.”

“Stay there, I’ll be right down,” he says, clearly not realizing that he’s the last person I want to see while I’m lying in the snow in a defeated heap.

“I don’t need help,” I call out, but I don’t try to get up again. I’ve already embarrassed myself enough in front of Nate. I refuse to give him the satisfaction of seeing me wallow around in a snowdrift like an artic walrus.

In what feels like no time, he’s found his way down to the scene of my humiliation and fallen to his knees beside me. “Just lie still.” The concern on his face as he tugs off his gloves is almost funny. Too bad I’m not in the mood to laugh anymore. “I have first aid training. Not a lot, but enough to see if anything’s broken. Can you tell me where it hurts?”

“It doesn’t hurt,” I insist, still making no move to rise. “I’m fine. You can leave.”

He scowls, and his eyes flash the way they do when he’s angry. Or turned on. Or maybe angrily turned on, though I’ve never personally seen him in that state. “You just sledded off a goddamned ledge, Adeline,” he says, voice rough. “And you’re not moving.”

“I don’t feel like moving,” I say stubbornly. “I’m enjoying a rest in the snow. So go away, Nate. Go, go, go away, and don’t come back another day.”

His breath rushes out. “That’s mature.”

“Yeah? Well, screw mature,” I say, the heat in my tone surprising me. “I did mature. I did all the mature while you were off hitting keg parties. I don’t have to do mature right now, and I don’t have to talk to you. So go away!”

Nate’s jaw clenches and I’m pretty sure he’s about to lose his temper in a fashion unlike anything I’ve seen from him before.

Instead he leans in, wrapping his hands around my wrists, pinning them to the snow. “I’m not going away,” he whispers inches from my lips, making my pulse spike. “Not until you let me get through to you, one way or another.”

“If you kiss me, I’m going to bite you,” I warn, heart racing.

“Fine by me. I like it when you bite.” And then he kisses me. He kisses me hard and deep and my stupid body lights up like a California brush fire.

My nerve endings ignite, and fireworks launch behind my closed eyes, and I moan into his mouth like he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my lips. And he is, the bastard. He tastes so good, so incredibly good, like the first drink of water after hours spent boiling in the summer heat—fresh and clean and explosively delicious.
Tracey’s Review

It’s not attraction, not exactly, not that first morning. It’s a spark, a flicker of recognition, a warning that things are about to change in ways I never could have imagined when I woke up in my bed that morning, so certain the path was mapped and the way was clear.

And, so another love story begins…

I’m a huge fan of Lili Valente, and have absolutely loved the romantic comedy series revolving around Magnificent Bastard Consulting. These books make me laugh, swoon, melt, and have introduced me to some of the Lili’s most lovable characters ever. Addie Klein made her first appearance in INCREDIBLE YOU, the quirky, bookish friend of Shane Willoughby. When she ran for the hills at the sight of one Nate Casey, I knew that we would be seeing much more of the two of them.

The backstory between Addie and Nate is endearing and a little bit offbeat, and exactly what I’ve come to expect from Lili. Although they’re just kids, really, the link between the two is strong nonetheless, and I didn’t doubt the depth of their feelings for a minute. But this wouldn’t be a Lili story without a twist, without some turbulence and angst, so, that perfect summer love? Yeah, not so perfect.

One of the things that I love the most about this story is Addie. Sure, Nate’s smart, funny, successful, and determined, but Addie, seeing her stand up for herself and start taking charge of her life, just, heck yeah. As a big fan of strong women, this is what made my heart beat a little bit faster. And, honestly, that strength and spark are what make Addie, well, Addie, and what makes Nate love her as much as he does.

MEANT FOR YOU is more than just a second-chance love story. It’s also about friendship and finding oneself, with a strong dose of what I affectionately like to call “woo woo,” because there is a definite paranormal bent to this story. But it all comes together so very nicely to give us one very wonderful read.

Characters and dialogues are definitely some of Lili’s strong suits, and, with this series, she’s created one heck of a delightful little world. I love revisiting characters from earlier books in the series, and the text messages that abound are some of my favorite things, like, ever. It’s really easy for me to give MEANT FOR YOU, as well as the rest of this sexily charming set, 5+ stars. Missing out on them would be a real shame.

***ARC generously provided for an honest review.***

Also Available




Author Bio

U.S.A. Today Bestselling author Lili Valente has slept under the stars in Greece, eaten dinner at midnight with French men who couldn’t be trusted to keep their mouths on their food, and walked alone through Munich’s red light district after dark and lived to tell the tale.These days you can find her writing in a tent beside the sea, drinking coconut water and thinking delightfully dirty thoughts.

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Release Blitz + 5 Star Review + Giveaway: Riveted by Jay Crownover – Saints of Denver Series – Book 3

RIVETED - header banner


From the New York Times bestselling author of the Marked Men books comes the next installment in the Saints of Denver series.



Riveted - cover

Everyone else in Dixie Carmichael’s life has made falling in love look easy, and now she is ready for her own chance at some of that happily ever after. Which means she’s done pining for the moody, silent former soldier who works with her at the bar that’s become her home away from home. Nope. No more chasing the hot as heck thundercloud of a man and no more waiting for Mr. Right to find her; she’s going hunting for him…even if she knows her heart is stuck on its stupid infatuation with Dash Churchill.

Denver has always been just a pit stop for Church on his way back to rural Mississippi. It was supposed to be simple, uneventful, but nothing could have prepared him for the bubbly, bouncy redhead with doe eyes and endless curves. Now he knows it’s time to get out of Denver, fast. For a man used to living in the shadows, the idea of spending his days in the sun is nothing short of terrifying.

When Dixie and Church find themselves caught up in a homecoming overshadowed with lies and danger, Dixie realizes that while falling in love is easy, loving takes a whole lot more work…especially when Mr. Right thinks he’s all wrong for you.

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RIVETED - Review Tour teaser





Michel’s Review

As an avid reader I have read many outstanding novels and become deeply involved with book series the author creates.  Their world and dynamic characters are vibrantly alive.  I can’t wait to see what happens next in their world.  I want to get to know each character intimately.  I want to know what makes them tick, what influences have made them the way they are, what secrets they are hiding, and what is in store for them in the future.  I want them to find the HEA with the perfect partner.

Jay Crownover has created a world with the Marked Men series and the Saints of Denver series that has me chomping at the bits for the next book.  Her characters have become my friends and family in my vivid imagination.  They have stolen my heart.  Within both of these series there has been one character that has captured my attention with his mysterious allure, alpha behavior, and honorable actions.  That man is Dashel Church, Rome’s former special ops teammate.  Church came to Denver to work at Rome’s bar as a bouncer.  His strong silent demeanor and contributions in both series has left the readers wanting more of this man.  At last Jay Crownover is giving us his story in Riveted.  Like the man, this story is complex and completely unexpected.

Dashes Church went to Denver after he left the service.  He wasn’t ready to return home to Mississippi.  He’s been biding his time working for Rome at the bar, but knows at some point he is going to have to return home and face his family.  He has avoided his family under the pretense that he went to Denver because of a woman rather than returning home.  When the dreaded call comes, he has to return home and face his family.  He doesn’t have the heart to disappoint them with his lies so he convinces Dixie, the bright and sunny cocktail waitress at the bar, to make the trip with him and spend a few days with his family.  His family will love Dixie and Dixie will make his return easier.

Dixie has always wanted the perfect happily ever after.  She is the sunshine and rainbows type of girl.  She sees the good in everything.  She’s there with a smile, dependable to those she loves, and always willing to go above and beyond for those she loves.  She has secretly been in love with Church since he first walked into the bar.  She has finally given up hope of capturing his attention and winning his heart. After a few years and many failed attempts, she has come to realize that Church is unavailable. With a discouraged heart she realizes she needs to start dating again.  She turns to the dating websites and has come across some epic losers.  Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and forget about finding her happily ever after.  The tables turn when Church asks her to return home with him to Mississippi. She sees this as final opportunity and last ditch effort.  She may return home to Denver with a broken heart or she may find her happily ever after.

Traveling from Denver to Mississippi on the back of the bike with Church is more than exciting.  It’s an eye opener.  Seeing where Church comes from and meeting his family is a interesting.  Learning the truths about his past and the values of the community is a shocker.  When the past and present collide and becomes dangerous, it’s downright frightening.  Finding her happily ever after with Church is worth it all.  It is perfection.

Once again Jay Crownover has delivered another great addition to the dynamic Denver crew.  She gave Church and Dixie the perfect happily ever after they needed.  He needed her sunshine and she needed his strength.  They both found love and peace.  They found a place to call home.

Jay gave a few hints of who might be next in the Saints of Denver series.  I can’t wait to see their story unfold.  But for now I am going to bask in Church and Dixie’s story.



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Jay Crownover - headshotAbout Jay Crownover:

Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men, The Point, and the Saints of Denver series. Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she’ll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads




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5 Star Review + Giveaway: For 100 Nights by Lara Adrian – The 100 Series – Book 2


Today we are the stop for For 100 Nights by Lara Adrian! Check out today’s stop and be sure to grab your copy today!


For 100 Nights

100 Series – Book 2

By Lara Adrian

Buy: Amazon / B & N / IBooks / Kobo


About For 100 Nights:

Avery Ross is living a dream. After struggling all of her life to make ends meet, a chance meeting with a powerful, darkly handsome man has catapulted her into a dazzling new world of penthouse luxury, elegant parties, and a wild, consuming passion with her billionaire lover, Dominic Baine. Nothing is out of his reach in business or in pleasure, yet the only woman he wants is her. Nick sweeps her to sensual heights she has never dared explore, commanding her body the same way he commands her heart. Yet Avery knows the fantasy she’s living cannot last.


With dark secrets and a dangerous enemy haunting her past, Avery must find a way to trust Nick with the truth before it destroys everything they share. But Nick is harboring secrets of his own as well. And when they come to light, Avery will be forced to decide if the love she feels for Nick is strong enough to endure a betrayal she may never be able to forgive.


Don’t miss the bestselling first book in the series, FOR 100 DAYS – available now!



Michel’s Review

After reading For 100 Days by Lara Adrian I have been sitting on pins and needles waiting For 100 Nights to release.  The huge cliffhanger and the erotic relationship between Avery Ross and Dominic (Nick) Blaine left me wanting more!

For 100 Nights is a sequel to For 100 Days.  It is imperative to read the first book before reading For 100 Nights.

Both Avery and Nick have been hiding secrets from one another.  A portion of Avery’s secrets were exposed when Nick found out the truth about her mother.  That was only a small portion of the secrets she’s been hiding not only from Nick but everyone else.  Someone has uncovered her secrets and is blackmailing her and threatening to harm her mother.  Rather than coming clean and trusting Nick with her problems, she tries to handle them herself. The only solution is turning to Nick’s enemy for help.  This could destroy her relationship with Nick but she’s desperate and ashamed of her past.  These actions begin to unravel and reveal some of the secrets Nick has been hiding from her.

While both Avery and Nick are hiding their secrets, their passion for one another is exploding.  Their relationship is developing into more than erotic explorations, it’s becoming very real.  They are falling in love with one another.

Their secrets could destroy their relationship.  Avery’s are finally exposed and Nick’s reaction is very different than she thought it would be.  When Nick’s biggest secret is exposed, Avery’s reaction is something Nick didn’t see coming.  CLIFFHANGER!

Lara Adrian has once again wowed me with her writing.  She has created a complex erotic romance that has layers upon layers for both of her characters.  Their passion for one another is romantic, sizzling, and a little bit naughty.  Lara has added intrigue and suspense that keeps the reader completely involved.  Each small revelation is leading to an explosive conclusion.  I cannot wait for the third and final book – For 100 Reasons to release.


The 100 Series



For 100 Days

100 Series – Book 1

By Lara Adrian

Buy: Amazon / Amazon Paperback / B & N / ITunes / Kobo



Dominic Baine can have anyone, but the only woman he wants is her.

Struggling artist Avery Ross is barely scraping by. Bartending at a trendy New York City restaurant for an overbearing boss and two weeks away from losing her apartment to a condo developer, she’s desperate for a break. So when she’s offered a temporary housesitting job, she takes it.

Living at one of the poshest addresses in Manhattan is like entering a new world–one that catapults her into the orbit of billionaire Dominic Baine, the darkly handsome, arrogantly alpha resident of the building’s penthouse. What begins as a powerful attraction soon explodes into a white-hot passion neither can deny.

Yet as scorching as their need for each other is, Avery doesn’t expect Nick’s interest in her to last. Nor does she dare to dream that the desire she feels for this scarred, emotionally remote man could deepen into something real. For Avery has secrets of her own–and a past that could destroy her . . . and shatter everything she and Nick share.

Coming Soon….


For 100 Reasons

100 Series – Book 3

By Lara Adrian



Lara Adrian Bio:


LARA ADRIAN is a New York Times and #1 internationally best-selling author, with nearly 4 million books in print worldwide and translations licensed to more than 20 countries. Her books regularly appear in the top spots of all the major bestseller lists including the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Indiebound, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc. Reviewers have called Lara’s books “addictively readable” (Chicago Tribune), “extraordinary” (Fresh Fiction), and “one of the best on the market” (Romantic Times).


Writing as TINA ST. JOHN, her historical romances have won numerous awards including the National Readers Choice; Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer’s Choice; Booksellers Best; and many others. She was twice named a Finalist in Romance Writers of America’s RITA Awards, for Best Historical Romance (White Lion’s Lady) and Best Paranormal Romance (Heart of the Hunter). More recently, the German translation of Heart of the Hunter debuted on Der Spiegel bestseller list.


With an ancestry stretching back to the Mayflower and the court of King Henry VIII, the author lives with her husband in New England.


Visit the author’s website and sign up for new release announcements at http://bit.ly/LaraAdrianNews

Connect with Lara:

Follow Lara at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lara-Adrian/e/B001JSFD7M/

Follow Lara at BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/lara-adrian

Join Lara’s VIP Reader List: http://bit.ly/LaraAdrianNews











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New Release + 5 Star Review + Giveaway: War Poppy by Nicole Lynne (aka Stevie J. Cole and L P Lovell ) -The War Series – Book 1


War Poppy by Nicole Lynne is LIVE!


War Poppy

War Series- Book 1

By Nicole Lynne  …Stevie J. Cole & L P Lovell

Buy: Amazon / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AU



PoppyLove and war. Two words that should have little association, but to me the two go hand in hand. Both are a tragedy. They rip you open and spit you out. The war killed my husband, Connor, shattered my will to live, and took my best friend. Brandon may not have physically died in that war, but his soul did. And now we’re left to pick up the wreckage. Expected to move on when all that is left is the ruins of a life we once had.


War. It took everything from me, even myself. When you’re only able to exist, death seems like a blessing. Pain…a welcome distraction. I ran from everything associated with my past, and then she found me, fighting, drowning myself in whisky, trying to forget. She reminds me of Connor, of what I’ve lost—what we’ve lost. In the midst of destruction, she’s a salvation I don’t deserve.

I shouldn’t love him.

I shouldn’t love her.

Love is a war we never should have fought.


ADD TO GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33132474-war-poppy

Michel’s Review

To be quite honest, I don’t know how to review this book. It was not a matter of liking or disliking the book. There was not an issue with the writing or delivery of the story. The writing was beyond excellent considering the subject matter. The subject matter had emotional triggers that affected me personally. When I finished this book it was with a very heavy heart.

War Poppy is not the typical romance. The story portrays real issues that war veterans and their families deal with after they have returned home. War Poppy is not an easy book to read. It does not have a HEA. In fact it is heartbreaking and leaves the reader with a very heavy feeling of despair. I believe that was the clear intentions of authors Stevie J. Cole and LP Lovell, writing as Nicole Lynn, had when writing this book. They intended for this book to leave an impact. They wanted this book to be thought provoking and raise awareness of the very real issues veterans and their families face dealing with PTSD. It is not light reading material. It is a fictional story of three people tied together through life and war.

Most readers pick up a book to escape the realities of the real world. They are looking for engaging entertainment. As a fair warning, War Poppy may have triggers that some readers may not be able to deal with. There are graphic war scenes, severe depression, extreme psychological issues resulting from PTSD, substance abuse, and self-destruction. These issues are handled with complete honesty and compassion for those who are living with these very debilitating problems.

Poppy, Connor, and Brandon grew up together. They became family. Brandon was Poppy’s first crush and first love. He was also Connor’s best friend. He was the protector of their family unit. When Connor chose to enlist, Brandon enlisted right along with him. When Connor died in war, Brandon may as well have died. His body is still alive but his soul is dying a slow death. Rather than facing Poppy after Connor’s death, he went AWOL and disappeared. Dying is easy, trying to live with the aftermath of war is excruciating.

Poppy was devastated when her husband was killed. Her heart was shattered. What made it even more devastating was losing Brandon as well. Brandon disappeared and she has made it her mission to find him. She senses his despair and wants to help him heal. He is as much a part of her as her husband Connor was. When she finally finds Brandon, he’s not the man she has known all her life. He’s lost in a dark world of haunting pain.

Poppy is at a loss on how to help Brandon. Her mixed feelings of friendship and love trigger her guilt about her husband’s death. Deep down she knows Connor would want them both to move on in life. She’s taking the steps to overcome her grief the only way she knows how. She’s doing everything in her power to help Brandon gain the courage to take his own steps towards healing. She is giving him her unconditional love with every ounce of her heart. Sometimes love is not enough.

War Poppy was written with compassion and brutal honesty. The authors did a fantastic job conveying this story. The bonds of love are never questionable. They are absolute. It’s dealing with all the other things haunting their souls that convolute their love for one another. Sometimes even the purest love and good intentions are not enough to keep the demons at bay.

As I finished this book, I couldn’t breathe. I was devastated. I was aching right along with the characters. The harsh truth of their lives is something that happens on a daily basis in real life. Sadly their story is not uncommon. That in itself is the true tragedy!

***ARC generously provided for an honest review.***

 Coming Soon… Book 2
Book 2, War Hope is releasing May 2, 2017
Stevie J. Cole
Stevie J. Cole lives deep in the woods of Alabama with her husband and two precious daughters. She studied Epidemiology concentrating on cancer research but has always had a passion for writing. Some of her stories will strip you bare, some will give you nightmares, but the one thing she can promise is that she will always give you stories that make you feel.Raw. Gritty. Love.
Because sometimes characters need to be flawed.P.S. Stevie’s greatest fear is the impending zombie apocalypse. Think about it: swarming armies of decaying, oozing corpses stumbling around with clicking teeth, trying to eat your face. Nothing about that is good. NOTHING!
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