Tour Packages and Services


1.  We will recruit for your tour from a large group of blogs.  We will manage your tour dates and send out reminders.  We take care of everything for you.  We follow up with the blogs we are working with on the day of their post and can often provide you with links to those posts for cross promoting on your facebook page.

2.  We will create an email promo kit that includes everything the blogger would need to create a complete post (blog tour banner that can be also used as your facebook cover, review guidelines, tour schedule, excerpts, social media links, giveaway html, synopsis, author bio, and buy links, etc). We will provide the HTML to make it easy for bloggers to cut and paste your post on their blog.

3.  All tour stops are cross promoted at Smut Book Junkie Book Reviews on Facebook and sent out on Twitter. We encourage all authors to follow the along with the tour, comment on all posts and cross promote on your author page.

4. Giveaways

  • Giveaways are optional but it has been shown that they significantly increase participation from readers
  • Giveaways are administered via Rafflecopter
  • The Rafflecopter will end at the conclusion of the tour
  • Smut Book Junkie Book Promotions will create and manage the giveaway
  • Smut Book Junkie Book Promotions will draw all winners and provide their information to the author.
  • The author will be responsible for the notification, purchase and distribution of the giveaway prizes.

5.  Prices: All tours are Sunday – Friday.

  • One Week Tour (6 days) 20-30 Tour Stops: $75
  • One Week Tour (6 days) 30-50 Tour Stops $125
  • One Week Tour (6 days) 50+ Tour Stops $150
  • Two Week Tour (12 days) 20-50 Tour Stops: $125
  • Two Week Tour (12 days) 50+ Tour Stops: $150
  • Customized tours available. Please contact us with your request.


  • Release Day Blitz
  • Three Week Tour (18 days) 20-50 Tour Stops
  • Facebook Release Party
  • ARC Distribution and Reviewer Recruitment


  • Cover Reveal
  • Pre-Release Blitz
  • Release Day Blitz
  • Three Week Tour (18 days) 20-50 Tour Stops
  • Facebook Release Party
  • ARC Distribution and Reviewer Recruitment


The same specialized service we provide for our blog tours is what you can expect for a Release / Book Blitz. We will recruit from several blogs, create your promo kit including a banner, set up and manage your giveaway,  and promote your event on Smut Book Junkie Book Reviews on Facebook and on Twitter. We can also include the option for reviews upon request.


We set up the event and recruit attendees.  We work on posts and giveaway options with you one on one and offer our consulting services on ways to make your party a success. We pull the winners and announce them for you.   Contact us using the form below for pricing.


Are there times when you need to escape from social media and go to your writing cave? Or maybe you just want to go on a family vacation and get off facebook for a week.  That is when you need to contact us.  We can take over your facebook page and act as you or your assistant.  We can run giveaways or just have fun contests.  We will send you drafts of our posts until you are at comfort level for us to take over the wheel.  Contact us using the form below for pricing.


You now have a few books out and could really use some help promoting them.  We can help you build a legitimate street team.  Street teams really do need to be comprised of fans that love your books and have actually READ and reviewed them.  We know that reviews are vital piece to making your author career a success.  We create an application and screen applicants for your street team.  Why screen people?  Because there are street team addicts that join several teams and are likely to only be active on your team for a very short period because they are only there to win stuff.  We want your street team to pimp you out to readers and bloggers so that you can build your audience.  Contact us using the form below for pricing.

Please use the contact form below to request any of the services above.  Thank you for taking the time to stop and see us.  We hope to hear from you soon.

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